Money is Love?!

I recently read a wonderful book called “Money Is Love” by Barbara Wilder. She describes how money was held to be sacred and connected to the Divine centuries ago and how over time our consciousness has warped it so that many of us see it imbued with greed, selfishness, arrogance etc. Hold some money and see how you feel about it – is it loving or is it a feeling of need and scarcity.

It's All Love

As she says, the money we have in our purses and wallets has been through many hands and peoples’  thoughts of scarcity, envy, reluctance of handing it over may all be in the money. So instead, as you hand the money over, pass it on with a blessing and thought of love and let’s start to turn the consciousness towards money to be one of love.

At the end of the day, money is an energy of exchange – whatever you buy, someone has worked to produce it and so all you’re really doing is thanking them. People made the products you see in the supermarket, someone drove them to the shop, gas and electricity come through pipes which someone maintains, etc. So don’t begrudge paying your bills and buying goods – instead be grateful that you have the means to afford it,

Send loving thoughts to money to free it from the chains of negativity it’s been encased in. There’s enough air for 7 billion people to breath, so in the same way, there’s an abundance of money for everyone – it’s up to us to start thinking and feeling about it  differently.  So help free money from the shackles we’ve put around it and send it on with love when you spend it 🙂


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